Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine's Day The Language of Love

1. I love you

2. I really like you

3. I want to go out with you

4. I want to be with you

5. You are everything to me

6. You mean the world to me

7. I have nothing without you

8. Be mine

9. You have changed my life

10. You are in my heart

11. I have always loved you

12. You are so special

13. You are so beautiful

14. You are the best

15. You make me so happy

16. All I want is to be with you

17. I'm yours always

18. We were made for each other

19. You are special

20. You are my whole world


Tell us what you talked with your lover in Valentine’s day by email info @ tienganhvui.com .


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