Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video: it's cheese rolling time again!

CheeseMasterAn army veteran from Colorado takes the top prize in the main event at the annual downhill cheese-rolling races in the rural English county of Gloucestershire. Tara Cleary reports.

REPORTER: Plunging down a steep hill at breakneck speed, chasing a fake foam cheese. The centuries-old race is dangerous. This year one contestant reportedly broke a leg. Big cheese for the day was U.S. army veteran, Kenny Rackers, who arrived three days early to practice.
KENNY RACKERS: "I came over three or four thousand miles just for this race. I put it on my bucket list and today it was to win and that's what I did."
REPORTER: Rackers, who first saw the cheese-rolling race on TV, paid tribute to fellow soldiers on America's Memorial Day.
KENNY RACKERS: "We're remembering all the soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice so I want to thank all the soldiers past and present for their service."
REPORTER: And the runner-up didn't seem too cheesed-off about losing.


1. If you describe something as cheesy, you mean that it is not very good or original, and without style, in a way that is embarrassing but amusing. • That's the cheesiest chat-up line I've ever heard.
2. A big cheese is an important and powerful person, especially in an organization.
3. If someone is cheesed off, they are annoyed or bored. • He's cheesed off with his job.

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