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Hôm nay chúng ta xem màn trình diễn múa đặc sắc của các nghệ sỹ múa  Rockette và học các từ liên quan đến nghệ thuật nhé.




Flexed - to bend (a body part).

Audition - a short performance to show the talents of someone (such as an actor or a musician) who is being considered for a role in a play, a position in an orchestra, etc.
Vying - to compete with others in an attempt to get or win something.
Coveted - to want (something that you do not have) very much.
Prospective - likely to be or become something specified in the future.
Tap - a kind of dance in which you wear special shoes with metal plates on the heels and toes and make tapping sounds with your feet.
Preliminary - coming before the main part of something.


Hundreds of dancers flexed their muscles.. and put their best foot forward, for a chance to dance with the famed Rockettes of the Radio City Music Hall in New York. For most of them, the open audition is a step closer to a life-long dream. Danni Hevern traveled all the way from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
- It would mean that everything I’ve worked for since I was a little girl would be worth it, you know to happen.
Hevern is among 500 dancers vying for the few coveted spots to perform in this year’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular – one of New York’s most beloved holiday attractions since 1935. Linda Haberman, the Director and Choreographer of the show explained what she was looking for in a prospective Rockette.
- It’s an extremely demanding job. They have to be proficient in tap, jazz, ballet. There is a height requirement. But what I’m looking for right now basic technique. If you can’t get through the combination I just did, there’s no way you are going to be able to do the show. So that was sort of a very preliminary combination.
Just a few of these dancers will be invited back to kick their dance routines into a higher gear as the audition process will continue through the rest of the week.


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