Friday, March 8, 2013

Straight from the horse's mouth

Straight from the horse's mouth có nghĩa là thông tin nghe được từ một nguồn hay người rất đáng tin tưởng.

Listen :


Finn: Hello, I'm Finn and we're presenting today's The English We Speak on horseback. I'm joined by…

(Horse whinny)

Finn: Sorry about that – by Feifei…

Feifei: Hello. Yes, we're taking a horse-riding holiday in the beautiful mountains of Wales.

Finn: Isn't it glorious?

Feifei: Beautiful. A million miles away from London.

(Horse whinny)

Finn: Eh, talking about London – you know our friend Mark, did you hear his news?

Feifei: No, what happened?

Finn: Great news for him. He sold his ice-cream delivery company.

Feifei: Wow!

Finn: And he made £500,000.

Feifei: Really? That's great news. Where did you hear that?

Finn: Straight from the horse's mouth.

(Horse whinny)

Feifei: Eh – from our horse? Our horse told you about Mark?

Finn: No, straight from the horse's mouth means...

Feifei: I know what it means, just kidding! Straight from the horse's mouth means directly from the source of the news or information – so in this case our friend Mark told Finn himself about the ice-cream business. Right, Finn?

Finn: Absolutely. Listen to these examples:
  • A: Our university is going to start teaching courses in oceanography.
    B: Really? How do you know that?
    A: Straight from the horse's mouth – the head of the university told me.
  • A: Are you sure Michael is coming tomorrow? I haven't seen him for ages.
    B: Yes, straight from the horse's mouth. He phoned me yesterday to tell me!
Feifei: Anyway, what's Mark going to do next?

Finn: Apparently he's starting a new ice-cream business – with lots of crazy flavours.

Feifei: Like what?

Finn: Grass-flavoured ice-cream.

Feifei: Really?

Finn: Sure - straight from the…

Feifei: Horse's mouth!

(Horse whinny)

Feifei: Well, I think our horse friend might enjoy grass-flavoured ice-cream, but I'm not so sure myself. Anyway do check out for more phrases.

Finn: Bye. Giddy up.

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