Friday, May 24, 2013

How To Play Like Germans

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For more than 40 years, England fans have wanted the national football team to be more like the Germans. Now, it seems, they’ve got their wish. For the England team’s latest kit bears a striking resemblance to the strip worn by West Germany in 1966. The kit, unveiled yesterday, was designed by Nike to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association.


The cartoon by Andy Davey from The Sun shows the England team in the dressing room before a match. Three players (Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and Andy Carroll) are putting on lederhosen — leather breeches which are traditional Bavarian men's clothing. Cole tells the manager Roy Hodgson, "Boss — these aren't going to make us play like Germans." You can say that again!


1. Footballers traditionally address their manager/trainer/coach as boss. In fact, recently retired Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has told his players they can call him all the names under the sun - but never to refer to him as 'boss' again.

2. Kit is special clothing and equipment that you use when you take part in a particular activity, especially a sport.

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