Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vocabulary : Ops



"Ops" is short for "Operations". Operations is a part of a business which manages day-to-day processes, like production, shipping, storage, etc. Operations staff work to make the business run more efficiently.

Many companies have Operations departments or divisions. Some companies have an executive who's named the Chief Operations Officer (COO), who assists the CEO.

"Being responsible for"

"Being responsible for" something means that you have to make sure that something is taken care of. For example:

I was responsible for taking care of my little brother.

This means that it was your job to take care of your brother. If something bad happened to your brother, you would be blamed for it.

Here's an example that you might see on a sign in the locker room at a gym:

Total Fitness club is not responsible for any missing or stolen items.

This means that the gym will not have to pay for your things if they get stolen.

determine (something)

To "determine" something means to figure it out or make a decision about it.

You "determine" facts or conclusions. For example:

Police have not yet determined the cause of death.

I've determined that the next camera I buy should be a Canon T3i

The word "determine" is more formal than "figure out".

(someone) fields a question

When someone asks a question that can be answered by several people, the person who answers is "fielding" the question.

This phrase comes from the game of baseball, where players on the baseball field stand and try to catch balls that are hit in their direction. Catching baseballs in this position is called "fielding" balls.

a staffer

The word "staffer" means "someone who's on the staff". In other words, it describes someone who works in a certain company or group.

a division

A "division" is a large group of people within a company who are managed together. Divisions are larger than departments, which are another kind of grouping in a company.

A division is usually led by a director, a vice president, or some other executive.


"If you get questions that should be fielded by Ops, this will help you determine which Ops staffer is responsible for which sales division."

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