Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Váy đầm phụ nữ

Học các từ mô tả quần áo tiếng Anh qua hình :

The site uses images to explain objects.

Skirts (1 of 3): clothing going downwards from the waist.
Straight skirt: skirt which has a straight cut.
A-line skirt: skirt widening downwards.
Box pleated skirt: skirt widening downwards and provided with pleats.
Fly skirt: skirt with an opening.
Sheath: fitted skirt.
Fix bos pleat skirt: fabric part folded up so that the edges of the foldings meet and form a hollow.
8 panel skirt: skirt provided with 8 panels of fabric.
4 panel skirt: skirt provided with 4 panels of fabric.
6 panel skirt: skirt provided with 6 panels of fabric.
Fall skirt: skirt provided with a hunging piece.

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